Client: Open Society Foundation
Period: October 2011 - September 2012

Our objectives

  1. Create understanding of the rights and issues around safe migration so that Indonesian migrant workers going to Arab countries know how to protect themselves

  2. Reduce abuse by frustrated employers by ensuring that Indonesian migrants understand basic instructions in Arabic and can complete domestic tasks effectively

  3. Generate awareness at a grass-roots level of the issues and challenges facing migrant workers in Arab countries, and empower prospective workers to understand their rights and mobilize community members to take action to help protect them

  4. Generate awareness through the media of the issues and challenges facing migrant workers in Arab countries. The media is a powerful motivator, reaching all levels of society from government to grass roots so provides a lobby and advocacy tool

What we did

OTMI created the training kit “Mimpi Musafir: Working in Arab Countries”. The kit consists of two videos and a board game to prepare pre-departure migrant workers looking to work in Arab countries.

The drama-documentary video aims to show migrant workers about the cultural differences, laws and their rights when working there, while the language and training video teaches them about working skills and basic Arabic language for household work.

The board game gives more in-depth information, showing examples of various situations and problems they may face, and reinforces the information and lessons that they have learned from the videos.

With help from the National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI), the Mimpi Musafir training kit was distributed to 136 training and recruitment centers in Jakarta.

OTMI also created a six-episode radio drama under the same title, to further spread the message of safe migration to migrant workers and their families in Indonesia’s major sending areas.


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